All full time tenured or tenure-track faculty are expected to participate in student advising. The balance of first-year and major advising loads will be determined in consultation with the department chair and the Dean’s Office.

First Year Advising

The aim of first year Student Advising is to improve student retention and to support the college’s commitment to a liberal arts education. The Director of the First Year Programs coordinates the First Year Student Advising Program. First year advisors are expected to:

  • meet with advisees during spring orientation to plan their academic program
  • meet with advisees during fall orientation
  • meet with each advisee on average once a week for the first six weeks of the first semester and on an as needed basis thereafter
  • refer students to campus resources or other members of the faculty or staff who can give additional support

Major Advising

Faculty are responsible for advising students who are majors in their department. Major advisors are expected to:

  • meet and communicate with advisees on an as needed basis to discuss academic matters, post-graduate opportunities, and when appropriate, personal matters that may be affecting the student’s ability to perform academically
  • know the various resources to which students can be referred for help
  • meet with advisees who receive academic alerts to determine the cause of the problem, render whatever service they can and when necessary, refer the student any of the student academic support services available on campus
  • work with the Dean’s Office on all academic issues including exceptions to academic policies, academic violations, grade appeals, student initiated majors (SIM), leaves of absence, withdrawals, and return to active status

Student Organization Advising

All student organizations are required to have an advisor. Those members of the faculty who accept the invitations of various student committees and organizations to serve as advisors should take their responsibilities seriously and at all times give positive direction to the activities involved.