Recruitment and Appointment of Faculty

Tenure-Track Faculty

Ursinus College is an EEO/AA employer. In keeping with the College’s historic commitment to equality, women and members of all racial and ethnic groups are encouraged to apply.

For all tenure-track appointments, the search committee and the Dean will look for a pool of finalists that includes underrepresented minorities and candidates with an understanding of and commitment to undergraduate, liberal arts education in a residential setting.

Search Procedures:

  • Search committees and the chair must be approved by the Dean’s Office.
  • Search committees must have one “outside” person and one current or former CPPC member to broaden the perspective on institutional goals. The CPPC member can be a department member or the outside member.
  • Candidates must have completed or be near completion of an appropriate terminal degree by the beginning of the appointment.
  • The search committee makes recommendations for appointment in writing to the Dean and ranks the candidates in order of preference. Pros and cons of each candidate should be listed.
  • The Dean contacts the preferred candidate, makes an offer and stays in touch with the search chair about the progress and about the need to contact second and third choice candidates.
  • If the top three candidates do not accept, the Dean reviews the next step with the search chair. It may be that the decision is to return to the pool or to cancel the search.
  • Appointments will be made by the Dean of the College.

Files should be retained for three years following completion of search. Complete files for candidates who are offered a contract are to be submitted to the Dean’s Office to become part of the permanent Personnel file.

Guidelines for search procedure and recruitment of faculty are maintained by the Dean’s Office.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty

All non-tenure-track faculty are appointed for a fixed term and may or may not be renewable. When an appointment is made for a specific length of time or specific purpose, such as a replacement for a person on leave or other non-tenure-track appointment, the letter of appointment will state clearly the termination date and will indicate that the position is not expected to lead to tenure.

Contracts & Salary Notification

Reappointment letters will be prepared annually for full-time faculty members who have not yet achieved tenure or who have fixed-term, annually-renewable appointments. Notice of non-renewal will be given following these AAUP guidelines:

  • Not later than March 1 of the first academic year of service, if the appointment expires at the end of that year; or, if a one-year appointment terminates during an academic year, at least three months in advance of its termination.
  • Not later than December 15 of the second academic year of service, if the appointment expires at the end of that year; or, if an initial two-year appointment terminates during an academic year, at least six months in advance of its termination.
  • At least twelve months before the expiration of an appointment after two or more years at the institution.

Salary letters for the coming year will be mailed to all continuing full-time faculty members within one month of the approval of the college annual operating budget by the Board of Trustees.

Outside Employment

A full-time faculty member who wishes to hold employment outside of the College that might interfere with his or her performance as a faculty member should discuss the matter with the department chair before submitting a written request to the Dean of the College.