Faculty Meetings

The faculty of the college holds monthly meetings throughout the academic year. Special meetings may be called from time to time by the President or the Dean of the College or the Faculty Meetings Committee. The Chair of the Faculty Meetings Committee presides. If the Chair is absent, the Vice Chair presides.

The faculty elects a parliamentarian and a secretary for three-year terms. Both serve as ex-officio members of the Faculty Meetings Committee and will serve no more than two consecutive terms. The parliamentarian advises on matters of parliamentary procedure and is allowed both a voice and a vote during faculty meetings. The secretary works with the Faculty Meetings Committee and is responsible for keeping the minutes, sending copies of the minutes to the faculty, and maintaining an accessible and secure archive of documents pertaining to meetings, including minutes and committee reports.

Robert’s Rules of Order govern faculty meetings to assure a regular and ordered procedure. The Chair of the Faculty Meetings Committee prepares an agenda and distributes it to the faculty in advance of the meeting. Anyone wishing to report should notify the Faculty Meetings Committee two weeks in advance of the meeting. Written reports from committees or individuals should be submitted in writing to the Faculty Meetings Committee two weeks before the meetings so that materials can be circulated along with the notice of Faculty Meeting. Motions from the floor will be accepted from governing faculty.

All members of the governing faculty are expected to attend faculty meetings, where they have voice and vote. They may vote in faculty elections and are eligible for service on faculty standing committees for which they meet eligibility requirements. A quorum for faculty meetings consists of a majority of all governing faculty.

The following are governing faculty of the College:

  • All full-time employees of the college appointed with faculty rank;
  • All individuals with faculty rank in renewable or continuing positions who are at least half-time employees of the college;
  • Other professional staff designated by the Dean of the College as members of the governing faculty.

The Ursinus College Student Government (UCSG) representative and the Student Activities and Services Committee (SASC) representative may attend without voice or vote any faculty meeting that does not explicitly review confidential student information. Additional students may request a place on the agenda of a faculty meeting through the Faculty Meetings Committee, who will evaluate the request based on the need for substantive faculty-student dialogue and/or faculty discussion. The Faculty Meetings Committee will make every effort to accommodate student requests, because the faculty values open dialogue whenever possible. Students may be present only for discussion of the issue they are invited to address, during which they may have voice in accordance with Roberts Rules but no vote.