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Forms and Funding Search

 Finding funding is best accomplished through your professional networks and the professional networks of the Grants Office. Your colleagues internally and at other institutions will know a great deal, so it’s worth asking around.


Faculty Stipend Request form

For processing of summer salary or other faculty payments.

Conflict of Interest form

Filed annually, this form is for compliance with federal regulation pertaining to interests in research.

Student Payroll

Find student payroll forms and paperwork here.

Internal Proposal Forms:

Letter of Intent

Humanities and institutional Proposals

STEM Proposals


Funding Search

However, many opportunities can be found in unusual places. Ursinus College subscribes to several tools which may help you in your search for funding and assistance with your project. lists all grant opportunities across the federal government. Learning to use the search function can help to identify opportunities.


A simple subscription search engine, GrantForward is constantly updated with the latest opportunities. This tool enables you to search for grants via keywords and advanced filters, save your favorite searches for new grant alerts and store your desired grants to help keep track of them. GrantForward also recommends grants to you based on your CV, past publications and research interests.

Will Caverly

Sponsored Programs Consultant