Tips for Grantseekers

These tips were offered by successful grant writers at our grants workshop, June 14, 2018. 

Structuring your research strategy to avoid reviewer red flags - Rebecca Lyczak (Biology)

  1. Specific aims are not dependent on one another
  2. Results are interesting even if they refute your hypothesis
  3. You have preliminary data
  4. You have experience with the techniques or have a collaborator who does
  5. Format:
    • Specific Aim
      • Hypothesis
      • Rationale
      • Methods
      • Feasibility and expected results
      • Potential problems/alternative approaches and future directions

Grant Seeking Process - Nzadi Keita (English and Creative Writing)

The Grant: These questions inform immediate next steps
  • List the pros and cons
  • Identify precedents/evaluate accomplishments: What are the trends in who wins and who judges? How wide is the potential applicant pool? How will my work be viewed?
  • Does the process require letters of recommendation (no one wants that)?
  • What is the origin of the funding?
  • Who is on the staff and board?

To hear extended explanation from Nzadi Keita, continue here.