Students use Philadelphia as a living classroom in the PhillyX course “Philly Word.”

Philadelphia Connection

Take your students to Philadelphia for activities that are part of a course.

Philadelphia Travel         

Apply For Funding

What can be funded? Funding is available to take students to Philadelphia for activities that are part of a course. For inspiration, you can refer to this list of Ideas by Department, or you can also visit the Independence Visitor Center website.

You can request reimbursement for mileage for cars, the use of college vans, or the rental of a bus. If college vans are driven by students, please make sure they have completed the training from Facilities well in advance.   

The college’s Fleet Vehicle Policy and insurance company requires all faculty and staff either driving college vehicles or driving on behalf of the college, to provide driver’s license information.  Annually, the college will review driver records. 

Arranging for vans and buses:
  1. Vans: Contact Facilities to determine whether a van is available on the dates needed for your course. The Dean’s Office will send an account number to Facilities for you following approval.
  2. Buses: The Dean’s Office will forward your application (see above) to, along with the Philadelphia Connection account number, in order to schedule the bus. You will be copied on this request to Purchasing.  
How to receive reimbursement to cover costs:
  1. If you are approved to drive cars, complete a Check Request form and attach a Google or Waze screen shot showing the mileage.
  2. If you are approved to use a van, an account number will be sent to Facilities from the Dean’s Office so you will not need to be reimbursed.
  3. If you are approved to use a bus, the Dean’s Office will provide an account number to Purchasing.
Be prepared to include the following information on the attached survey form:
  1. Your name
  2. Type of vehicle that is requested
  3. The number of vans needed if vans will be driven
  4. The Department, course number, and name of course for the trip
  5. Your destination(s) in Philadelphia. List all stops.
  6. Date of trip
  7. If you are using a van, contact Facilities and indicate if the number you need is available on that date
  8. Departure time from campus
  9. Return time to campus
  10. Number of students who will be traveling
  11. Additional comments about the trip