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Gundolf Graml Named Ursinus Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

At Agnes Scott College in Georgia, he led one of the nation’s most innovative curricula. He begins at Ursinus on February 1.
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  • Apr 17 2024

    Failure is not Failure: On the Importance of Exploration in Science and Learning

    2:00pm | Bomberger Auditorium

    Often, it can be tempting to “hope for” a result when conducting an experiment or when completing a homework assignment, especially when a deadline, paycheck, or promotion is on the line. However, the goal in science is to answer the question accurately, regardless of what that answer is. 

  • Apr 17 2024

    Hope in the Time of Monsters: Supporting Faculty and Student Mental Health

    4:00pm | Olin Auditorium

    Faculty are burnt out—sacrificing their own mental health, phoning it in out of desperation, or leaving the profession entirely. Students are experiencing an epidemic of mental health problems, especially of anxiety.
  • Apr 18 2024

    Patrick Hurley Baden

    4:15pm | Commons 105

    More information to come.
  • Apr 25 2024

    Awards and Publications Event

    4:00pm | Myrin Library - First Floor

    All faculty, staff, and students are welcome to join us in this annual celebration of the pursuits of our faculty and students! 

    The reception will start at 4pm, with the program commencing at 4:30 pm.