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Colloquium on Liberal Education: Curriculum Matters

Come join the second annual national Ursinus Colloquium, a call to reinvigorate liberal education in the face of the numerous challenges, theoretical and practical, it currently confronts.

June 6-7, 2024
Ursinus College
Collegeville, PA

The Colloquium fosters candid and probing discussions about the purpose of liberal education, the curriculum and practices of liberal education, and how we can intentionally design first year programs and curricula to best further the mission of liberal education. As we address these topics, we will also consider the benefits and strains to faculty and staff in administering these programs, ways to prepare students for this type of education, and cross-campus initiatives. In the spirit of Socratic inquiry, we will think together about a series of questions relevant to curriculum design:

  • How are liberal education curricula best designed?
  • What are the roles of first-year seminars in liberal education?
  • What is the role of “transformative texts” in liberal education?
  • How does reading contribute to the foundation of liberal education?
  • How are common curricula sustained in a way that continues to benefit faculty and students?
  • What are the benefits and strains of common curricula?
  • What cross-campus initiatives best link liberal education to other areas of the student experience?
  • How can we initiate and maintain programs to prepare students for the inquiry of liberal education?
  • How do common curricula impact students beyond graduation?

For participants: Connect with us during the colloquium

This colloquium is by invitation only. For questions, please contact Johannes Karreth (Assistant Dean, Office of Academic Affairs, Ursinus College) at