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Our campus is private property, and the College determines all motor vehicle regulations. All vehicles brought on campus must be registered with Campus Safety in Wismer Hall within the first week of classes, or within twenty four (24) hours of arrival during the semester. 

Parking registration for the 2014-2015 school year has closed.  New links will be posted in August for the 2015-2016 registration process.  If you are a summer resident, please stop by the Campus Safety Office and speak with an officer to get a summer pass.

 Vehicle Registration and Parking Policies

First-year students must submit written requests to the Campus Safety Parking Division for permission to have automobiles on campus. Parking for first-year students is very limited. To register cars, students must have their Ursinus College ID and the vehicle registration. Unregistered vehicles may be towed at the owner‘s expense. The registration fee is $110.00 per vehicle (including motorcycles). If approved, the registration fee will be applied to the student‘s account.

To help maintain the beauty of the campus, students must abide by all Ursinus College traffic and parking regulations. These regulations are provided in detail on the Vehicle Registration form. Special parking areas are marked. Yellow lines indicate staff parking only. Students must also adhere to all state and local parking ordinances. Violations will be distributed when vehicles are not parked in accordance with Ursinus regulations. Fines may be assessed to student accounts at any time once ownership of a vehicle is determined. Repeated violations of 3 or more tickets may result in a tire boot being placed on the vehicle until the issue is resolved. 

Vehicle Registration

  1. All vehicles operated and parked on College property by students must be registered with the College.  Full and part-time students, faculty, and staff are required to register their vehicles with the college.  Permits may be obtained at the following locations: 
          a. Faculty and staff - Personnel Office, Corson Hall
          b. Full-time students - Log into the Ursinus gateway on the website, go to Campus Safety then parking and click on the link for parking forms.
  2. Registration stickers must be affixed to the driver’s-side rear passenger window or rear bumper.
  3. First-year resident students are not permitted to have their vehicles on campus. If there is a medical necessity for a vehicle, application may be made by logging into the Ursinus gateway on the website and go to parking, then choose the first year parking permit.
  4. Vehicle registration does not guarantee a parking space, but affords the registrant the opportunity to park in authorized areas where sufficient space is available.
  5. Overnight visitors must register with Campus Safety and obtain a temporary parking permit.
  6. Parking permits may not be shared or transferred.
  7. Ursinus College reserves the right to tow ANY illegally parked vehicle on campus without prior warning

Registration Fee

Students are required to pay a registration fee of $110 for parking permits for the academic year or $55 for one semester.   Students are permitted one decal per year, unless the vehicle is sold or scrapped and proof is provided when requesting a second decal.  Lost or stolen permits will be replaced for $50. 

Parking Areas

Parking areas are designated with the following color-coded guidelines:

  •       WHITE LINES – Student Parking 
  •       YELLOW LINES – Staff/Faculty Parking 

Corson Hall Visitor Lot  – Visitor Parking only: Mon-Fri (8am – 5pm)

Spaces marked with specific signs are reserved at all times.  Unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed or towed.

All campus driveways are fire lanes.  Parking is prohibited at all times.

Vehicles may be towed without warning if they are parked improperly.  This may include but is not limited to vehicles: blocking parking lot entrances, fire lanes, loading docks, dumpsters or recycling bins; parked in driveways; parked on the grass; or parked in handicapped spaces without handicapped tags or badges. Vehicles without proper state inspection or registration may not be stored on the Ursinus campus. In addition, vehicles that are not in working order and/or vehicles that cannot be properly secured must be removed from campus immediately. Vehicles not removed may be towed without warning. All towing and storage charges are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

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