Bicycle Registration

All bicycles kept overnight on campus must be registered and display an Ursinus Bicycle Permit.

  • Registration is free of charge and students can apply here.
  • The permit must be affixed to the seat tube or on the seat post. The permit must face and be visible from the front of the bicycle. The seat tube or post must be clean and dry for the permit to adhere properly.
  • Please refer to the recreational vehicle policy located here before operating your bicycle on campus.

Why should you register your bike?


  • Assists campus safety and/or the police if your bike is lost or stolen and then recovered.
  • Provides data to the Parking Division so that we may contact the owner with any issues and have a record of bicycles that are permitted to be on campus when left overnight or during college breaks.
  • Bicycles considered abandoned may be removed from campus and recycled or donated without notice at the discretion of campus safety. Registering your bicycle prevents college officials from assuming a bicycle has been abandoned if it has not moved from a specific spot.