Boot and Towing Policy

Students, employees, or visitors who are booted are required to remit payment for both the removal fee and any outstanding fines before removal.

Exceptions to this procedure may only be approved by the Executive Director of Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness or designee.

  • A motor vehicle that remains illegally parked can be ticketed every 24 hours. A vehicle ticketed two (2) or more times in the same space over 72 hours and has not moved will be ticketed and booted or towed.
  • A vehicle parked in a manner causing a hazard (e.g., blocking fire lanes, handicapped access, etc.) will be ticketed and towed.
  • A vehicle illegally parked in a reserved space will be ticketed, booted, or towed.
  • Vehicles with three or more unanswered tickets will be booted or towed.
  • A vehicle displaying a fraudulent parking permit will be ticketed, booted or towed.
  • Students and employees who have any outstanding violations may be subject to disciplinary action and have their parking privileges removed.