Fee Schedules

All permit fees will be applied to student accounts.

  • Students with a current annual parking permit who finish courses at the college before January 1 or are studying abroad for the spring semester, may request a credit by contacting the Parking Division via email at the end of the fall semester.
  • Students who do not bring a vehicle to campus until after January 1 will be charged a reduced rate of $75.
Parking Permit Fee Schedule
Annual Student Permits $150.00
Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Permits $50.00
Temporary Student Permits* $10 per week

*First year students may only purchase temporary parking permits for three weeks each semester.


Parking Violation Fee Schedule
Boot Removal Fee $80.00
Faculty/Staff/Student vehicles parked in Visitor’s Lot $55.00
Permit not valid in parking area $55.00
Forging/Altering Permits $255.00
Improper location of decal/no decal $15.00
Late Fee (citation sent to Student Accounts after 14 days) $25.00 per citation
Parked in faculty/staff area $30.00
Parked in fire lane/campus driveway $155.00
Parked in front of dumpster $55
Parked improperly or not in a valid parking area (e.g. sidewalks, spaces not lined for parking, grass/lawn, hashmarks) $40.00
Parked in handicapped space without placard $155.00
Parked in two or more spaces $55.00
Unregistered vehicle $155.00