Parking Citations and Appeals

Five things you need to know about Parking Citations and Appeals, including when not to appeal your parking violation.

1.  Vehicle citations must be paid online within 14 days of the violation.

Pay Citation online

2.  Vehicle violation appeals must be submitted through the parking portal within 14 days of the violation. Appeals received after 14 days will not be considered for any reason.

Submit Parking Appeal

3.  Any student violations not paid or appealed within 14 days will be transferred to their student account. A $25 late fee will be applied for each citation transferred to student accounts.

4.  The Ursinus College Parking Committee will review and evaluate each appeal, and the final decision will be returned in the form of an email to the address provided. Appeals are reviewed by the committee once a month, are judged blind, and all decisions are final and not subject to further review. 

5.  Repeated violations will result in disciplinary action, which may include but is not limited to: referral to the Student Conduct system, revocation of campus parking privileges, vehicle immobilization, or towing (see boot and towing policy).

Students: Do not appeal your parking violation if you…

  • did not have a current valid parking permit for the vehicle receiving the parking violation
  • did not register the temporary vehicle receiving the parking violation
  • did not have your permit applied to vehicle when the violation was issued
  • did not have your permit properly affixed to the vehicle
  • parked in a lot, area, or space other than approved area indicated on your permit
  • have not appealed within 14 business days from the violation issue date
  • were late to class or appointment and parked improperly
  • could not find a parking space near your residence hall, and parked improperly
  • allowed someone to borrow your vehicle, and they parked improperly
  • parked in an unauthorized area or illegally parked (e.g., driveway, entrance, exit, sidewalk, grass, handicap, fire lane, visitor spot, blocking dumpster)

If you fall into ANY of the above categories, your appeal will be denied.