Parking Instructions for Move-In

This important information for all students currently on campus and students/families arriving Thursday. August 24th and Sunday, August 27th.

Please read carefully as you may be impacted even if you have already moved into your residence hall.

Key takeaways you need to know:

  • Ritter lot is closed for construction related to the renovation of Patterson Field and the track
  • All vehicles must be moved from the facilities and Wismer lots no later than 7 p.m. Wednesday, August 23 to allow for first year move-in Thursday August 24. (see red area below on images)
  • New Hall residents must unload in the gravel lot entrance.
  • Expect changes in traffic flow; staff will be on hand to direct you

Parking Lot Closures and Traffic Flow

To facilitate a smooth move-in process for all students and their families, there will be temporary closures of certain parking lots and adjustments to traffic flow on campus. While there will be designated unloading zones to help you move your belongings into your residence hall quickly, please remember to be considerate of others and use these zones for unloading only.

Thursday, August 24 First-Year Move In:

The facilities lot and the restricted spaces in the Wismer lot will be closed for parking to allow for first year move in. All vehicles in the lots indicated in red below must be cleared by 7 p.m Wednesday, August 23. Please plan to park in the gravel lot, 9th Ave lot, or the Wismer parking lot (outside of the red restricted area listed below).

  • First year students:   After checking in at the fieldhouse in the Floy Lewis Bakes Center, you will be directed by staff on where you need to park to unload your vehicles.

Parking 1

Parking 2

Sunday, August 27 – Returning Students Move In:

The Ritter lot next to New Hall is closed due to construction on Patterson Field and the track.

  • Richter/North: Residents may unload in the Wismer lot or along the south side of the road that runs between Richter/North and New Hall. These locations are indicated in Yellow on the map below. You must stay on the south side of the road to keep the fire lane clear.
  • New Hall: Residents must pull into the gravel lot behind New Hall and Patterson Field to unload at the rear entrance. Residents may line up on the south side of the driveway to unload; the north side fire lane must be kept clear for ingress and egress. These locations are indicated in Blue on the map below. This lot is only accessible via the gravel driveway as the entrance from the Ritter lot is closed due to construction. There will be staff present to direct vehicles to where they need to go.

Parking 3

Ritter Lot Closure

The Ritter parking lot will be closed for the next two weeks due to continuing construction on Patterson field. Students who typically park in this lot are welcome to use student spaces in the gravel lot, the 9th Ave lot, the new commuter student spaces located in the Wismer lot, or the facilities lot during this time. Parking in handicapped spaces without a proper permit is still prohibited.