An on-campus service focused on providing emergency care to all students, faculty, and staff. 

Our membership is compiled completely of students who are certified emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and emergency medical responders (EMRs). The organization is in service 24/7 during each term and occasionally during summer and winter breaks.

If you need immediate medical attention, contact Campus Safety by dialing 610-409-3333 (x3333 on campus).  UC-EMS is dispatched through a partnership with Campus Safety. Any time you feel that a situation is an emergency and requires an urgent response by an ambulance, call 911 directly (9-911 via on-campus phones) and then contact Campus Safety. 

Feature Story

UC EMS was a feature story in the Spring 2016 edition of the Ursinus Magazine: 

  • The Ursinus College EMS team
    Ursinus is one of only 215 colleges or universities nationwide to have an all-volunteer, student-run, Emergency Medical Service (EMS). The team played a critical role in assisting the college with the recent norovirus outbreak, making sure the 200-plus sickened students got the care and help they needed. They are on call year-round, too.

Did you know? CPR Classes are offered at Ursinus. Learn more. 

Snapshot: Tom Holt ’17
This future doctor fully embraces the unique pre-health related programs on the Ursinus campus that offer him hands on experience, including UC EMS.