The office of Career and Post-Graduate Development (CPD) seeks to ensure that Ursinus graduates are strongly positioned to succeed.

By using a customized approach that integrates the core curriculum, campus resources, and a holistic Ursinus experience, we aim to help all students and alumni envision and realize meaningful lives.





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Top Resources

  • Focus  Career and major Exploration.  Log in here if you have a FOCUS account.  Log into Handshake and the FOCUS resource to create an account.
  • CareerSpots Career Advice Videos  Job Search, Internship Search, Career Ready
  • GoinGlobal  Country specific career and employment information (found within Resources in Handshake)
  • CareerShift  Job and internship search tool
  • LinkedIn Professional networking tool 
  • CashCourse  Real life money guide


2019 Class Update Form - Let us know when you get a new job.

Alumni Services

Add your education to your LinkedIn profile by clicking on the button below.  Members with education on their profile get 10x more views. Join the official Ursinus College Alumni Group on LinkedIn, which connects UC Bears around the world.

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Employer Advisory Board (EAB)

The board provides a forum for relevant discussions on career and employment issues.  These discussions help strengthen the services offered by Career and Post-Graduate Development.  Read about the members of the EAB.

Faculty and Staff Support Resources

Helpful resources and guides for faculty and staff on our services, programs, and resources.

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