What Can I Do With A Major In Chemistry

Chemistry is the science that researches and analyzes the properties of substances and the changes they undergo. The field influences nearly every aspect of modern-day life, making chemists essential in evaluating critical issues that we face every day. Chemical research causes change in diverse areas, such as medicine, pesticide application or consumer electronics. The work done by chemists helps to formulate government policies and shape the communities in our world.

Students graduating with a chemistry major find a wide range of career choices including, chemistry, medicine, law, business, chemical physics, environmental science, and secondary school teaching. Graduates are often employed in areas of research and development, regulatory and quality assurance, pharmaceuticals, and food. Chemistry professionals are found working in the private sector as well as for state and local governments and for federal agencies.

Career Planning

Professional Associations


Industrial Waste Inspector
Anesthesiologist (MD)
Materials Scientist
Middle School Teacher
Chemical Engineer
Nuclear Fuels Research Engineer
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Chemical Engineer
Occupational Health Specialist
Chemistry Professor
Pathologist (MD)
Chemistry Technologist
Chemical Oceanographer
Petroleum Engineer
Conservation Scientist
Crime Lab Analyst
Plant Breeder
Dairy Technologist
Radiation Protection Engineer
Dentist (DDS)
Resource Recovery Engineer
Environmental Engineer
Safety Inspector
Fire Prevention Engineer
Sales Rep (Chemicals & Drugs)
Food & Drug Inspector
Sanitary Engineer
Food Technologist
Scientific Publications Editor
Forensic Science Technicians
Soil Scientist
High School Teacher
Solid Waste Disposal Administrator
Technical Publications Writer
Hospital Administrator
Veterinarian (VMD)
Water Pollution Control Inspector
Industrial Air Pollution Analyst

This is just a sampling of titles, for a more comprehensive list and details on the professions including employment outlook and salary information, log into the Focus Program.