What Can I Do With A Major In Classics

Classics majors go on to pursue many different careers. While you certainly will find teachers and professors, classics majors also go on to pursue medicine, law, business, arts, and government and communications as well. 

Career Planning

Professional Associations


Related Career Titles

Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Agent
Area and Cultural Studies Professor
Art Appraiser
Book Editor
College/University Professor
Communications Professor
Community Service Managers
Community Welfare Worker
Copy Writer
Educational Administrator
Equal Opportunity Representative
Export Agent
Foreign Language Interpreter
Foreign Language Teacher
Foreign Language Translator (Written Material)
Foreign Service Specialist
Foreign Student Adviser
High School Teacher
Historic Site Administrator
Historical Archivist
History Professor
Human Services
Library Consultant
Literature Professor
Missionary Worker (Foreign Country)
Museum Curator
Radio & TV News Commentator
Scientific Linguist
Social Welfare Administrator

This is just a sampling of titles, for a more comprehensive list and details on the professions including employment outlook and salary information, log into the Focus Program.