What Can I Do With A Major In Health and Exercise Physiology

Health and Exercise Physiology concentrates on the study of health and human movement from developmental and biological perspectives. The program is appropriate for students who plan to work in public or community health, the fitness and exercise industry, wellness management, health and physical education, sports medicine, strength and conditioning, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, gerontology or any other field where health, human movement or exercise is a focus.

This degree can serve as the gateway to becoming a public or community health administrator or researcher, a physical or occupational therapist, a registered  nurse, a physician’s assistant, a dietician or another type of health professional. Students also pursue employment as health and physical education (K-12) teachers, sports psychologists and wellness-fitness professionals. The coursework serves as a preparation for post-baccalaureate study in areas such as human growth, aging, athletic training, biomechanics, exercise physiology, health promotion, motor control, or sport psychology. Your degree will enable you to look at the science behind  health and fitness, as well as provide insight  into related fields such as nutrition, psychology and management.

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