What Can I Do With A Major In History

Because the study of history is wide-ranging, it provides excellent training for a wide variety of careers. Some history majors go on to careers directly related to history: some pursue graduate study and teaching at the college level, a good number combine a history major or minor with preparation for certification to teach at the secondary level and a few pursue museum or archival work. But most history majors and minors take their historically refined knowledge of the world and analytical and communication skills to other careers. The history faculty are continuously engaged in advising students regarding their career goals.

Career Planning

Professional Associations


Related Career Titles

Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Agent
Clergy Member (Religious Leader)
Congressional Aide
Foreign Service Officer
Foreign Service Peacekeeping Specialist
Government Service Executives
High School Teacher
Historic Site Administrator
Historical Archivist
History Professor
Intelligence Specialist (Government)
Labor Relations Advisor
Library Consulatant
Museum Curator
Newspaper Editor
Park Naturalist
Public Relations Manager
Public Relations Specialist
Publications Editor
Social Welfare Administrator
Travel Writer (Journalist)
Urban and Regional Planner

This is just a sampling of titles, for a more comprehensive list and details on the professions including employment outlook and salary information, log into the Focus Program.