What Can I Do With A Major In Math and Computer Science

More information travels the Internet each day than existed in print 40 years ago. Mathematics and Computer Science provide a foundation for enhancing society and bringing order to a chaotic world by transforming data into valuable information. In these fields, a Bachelor’s degree will qualify one to pursue careers in actuarial science, systems analysis, computer programming, information technology, teaching, law, consulting, commodity management, public health, and business.

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Related Career Ttiles

Bank and Branch Managers
Brokers Floor Representative
Budget Analyst
Chief Financial Officer
Compensation Administrator
Compensation Specialist
Computer Applications Engineer
Computer Security Specialist
Computer Software Engineer
Computer Software Technician
Computer and Information Scientists
Computer Programmer
Computer Science Professor
Computer Systems Analyst
Controller (Finance)
Cost Estimator
Credit Analyst
Database Administrator
Elementary School Teacher
Employee Benefits Analyst
Financial Analyst
Financial Aid Counselor
Government Budget Analyst
High School Teacher
IT Administrator
Math Professor
Mathematical Technician
Middle School Teacher
Operations Management Analyst
Purchasing Manager
Quality Control Engineer
Scientific Linguist
Technical Publications Editor
Technical Publications Writer
Video Game Designer
Web Art Director