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What Can I Do With A Major In Media and Communication Studies

A major in Media and Communication Studies (MCS) focuses on communication skills in the spoken and written form, and the exploration of why people communicate as they do in various formats and contexts.    The MCS major prepares students for careers in the communication and information industries as well as leadership positions in business, law, politics, education and non-profits. Depending upon their interests, MCS graduates may find employment opportunities as communication consultants, media and marketing specialists, trainers, and public relations specialists.   Students are also well prepared to enter a variety of graduate and professional school programs.

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Related Career Titles

Account Executive
Associate Producer
Audio/Visual Specialist
Broadcasting Journalist
Campaign Manager
Communications Lawyer
Communications Professor
Copy Writer
Customer/Consumer Relations
Editorial Assistant
Entertainment Agent
Events Planner
Government Relations
Graphic Artist
Guidance Counselor
Human Resources Manager
Market Research Analyst
Media Specialist
News Associate
Production Assistant
PSA Director
Public Relations Specialist
Radio & TV Sports Announcer
Sales Representative
Social Worker
Special Events Coordinator
Speech Pathologist
Technical Writer

This is just a sampling of titles, for a more comprehensive list and details on the professions including employment outlook and salary information, log into the Focus Program.