What Can I Do With A Major In Philosophy

Students who want to understand the philosophical foundations of, e.g., politics, literature, art, science, religion and in fact any serious intellectual endeavor will benefit from studying philosophy. And the pursuit of any career that demands clear reasoning and critical thought will be enhanced by the study of philosophy. Employers appreciate the finely tuned analytical skills of a philosophy major. This credential transfers well to many professions. With a philosophy degree at any level, you have proven yourself to be flexible and able to grow. Some philosophy students go on to graduate study in philosophy, of course, but careers in law, journalism, business, computer science,  public administration, healthcare, education, communication, and public relations.

Career Planning

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Related Career Titles

Career Counselor
Clergy Member (Religious Leader)
Employment Interviewer
High School Guidance Counselor
Insurance Underwriter
Market Research Analyst
Philosophy and Religion Professor
Public Policy Manager
Public Relations Specialist
Public Service Official
Publications Editor
Social Worker
Sportswriter (Journalist)
Technical Writer
Travel Writer (Journalist)