What Can I Do With A Major In Politics

Politics majors examine politics, governments, and the political process. Students who pursue this major study topics from public opinion, elections, and interest groups to comparative government, international relations, political philosophy, constitutional law, and legislative behavior.  A major in politics provides a liberal arts education that emphasizes skills in analysis, writing, speaking, and critical thinking.  Politics majors have substantial freedom to tailor their courses of study to meet individual goals and interests.  Politics graduates find positions in the business community as public liaison experts, lobbyists, or market researchers. Many have gone into government and politics as elected representatives, political advisors, and foreign service officers. Others pursue graduate degrees in political science, law, or public administration. 

Career Planning

Professional Associations


Related Career Titles

Administrative Law Judge
Admiralty Lawyer
Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Agent
Appeals Examiner
City Planning Aide
College/University Professor
Compliance Officer
Congressional Aide
Contract Administrator
Corporation Lawyer
Criminal Investigator (Detective)
Criminal Lawyer
Emergency Management Specialist
Equal Opportunity Representative
Foreign Service Officer
Foreign Service Peacekeeping Specialist
Fund Raiser
Funds Development
Government Service Executives
Industrial Relations Analyst
Industrial Relations Specialist
Insurance Claim Examiner
Intelligence Specialist (Government)
Labor Relations Advisor
Legislative Assistant
Management Consultant (Analyst)
Market Research Analyst
Parole Officer
Political Science Professor
Political Scientist
Probation Officer
Public Relations Specialist
Social Welfare Administrator
Social/Community Service Managers
Survey Researchers
Technological Epsionage Intelligence Agent
Urban and Region Planner

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