What Can I Do With A Major In Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior, mental processes, and how they are affected and/or affect individuals or group’s physical state, mental state, and external environment. It’s goal is to describe, understand, predict, and modify behavior.

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. The discipline embraces all aspects of the human experience — from the functions of the brain to the actions of nations, from child development to care for the aged. In every conceivable setting from scientific research centers to mental health care services, “the understanding of behavior” is the enterprise of psychologists.

Related Job Titles

Admissions Counselor
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Assistance Coordinator
Career Counselor
Child Care Center Administrator
Child Life Specialist
Child Support Services Worker
Clergy Member (Religious Leader)
Clinical Psychologist
Community Welfare Worker
Counseling psychologist
Developmental Psychologist
Education Professor
Educational Psychologist
Employee Benefits Analyst
Employee Training Instructor
Employment Administrator
Employment and Placement Specialist
Equal Opportunity Representative
Experimental Psychologist
Family Caseworker
Forensics Psychologist
Funds Development Administrator
Health Psychologist
High School Guidance Counselor
Human Factors Psychologist
Human Resources Management Consultant
Human Resources Mgmt. Advisor
Industrial Therapist
Industrial-Organizational psychologist
Job Analyst
Job Development Specialist
Market Research Analyst
Medical and Public Health Social Workers
Mental Health Counselor
Middle School Guidance Counselor
Occupational Therapist
Parole Officer
Personnel Administrator
Personnel Recruiter
Psychiatrist (MD)
Psychology Professor
Recreational Therapist
Residence Counselor
Sales Representative (Physcological Tests)
School Psychologist
Social Welfare Administrator
Social Worker
Sport Psychologist
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

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