Giving Love to our Jobs

Faculty and Staff share great stories about lessons learned through their various job and graduate school experiences. We hope these stories encourage you to think about the QUESTions, highlighting your thoughts on, What Will I Do?

Katie Bean, Director, Prevention and Advocacy

Katie Bean, Director, Prevention and Advocacy
Meghan Brodie, Associate Professor of Theater
Alyssa Caffarelli, Director of Residence Life
Abbie Cichowski-Kim, Director of Leadership Annual Gifts
Carlita Favero, Associate Professor of Biology
Alexandria Frisch, Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies/Coordinator of Jewish Life
Kerry Gibson, Collection Management Librarian
Kate Goddard, Associate Professor of Biology
Lisa Grossbauer, Instructor of Mathematics
Rebecca Jaroff, Associate Professor and Chair of English
Kate Keppen, Director of Sustainability
Stephanie Mackler, Professor of Education and Assistant Dean of the College
Anna Marks, Coordinator of Legal Studies, Lecturer of Politics
Todd McKinney, Associate Dean of Students/Director of Leadership Development & Student Activities
Rebecca Roberts, Associate Professor of Biology
Carol Royce, Administrative Assistant for Education, Psychology, Neuroscience, CIE, UImagine
Nicholas Scoville, Joseph Beardwood III Chair of Mathematics & Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Domenick Scudera, Professor of Theater
Dolly Singley, Director of Disability Services
Jon Volkmer, Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing