Internship PREP Course

The curriculum and activities in the Internship PREP course have been specially designed to support you before you embark for your internship.

All students are required to complete the Internship Prep Course before starting their internship. You will receive a course enrollment notice from Career and Post-Graduate Development shortly after you register for the internship.

The curriculum and activities in the Internship PREP course have been specifically designed to support students before they begin their internship. Students are expected to complete the Internship PREP course, preferably prior to the start of the internship, but no later than two weeks into the internship.


Students register for the internship class during the course registration period and in consultation with their Academic Advisor. When the Course Registration Form is processed by Registrar students will be enrolled by Career and Post-Graduate Development into the Internship PREP course. The Internship PREP course will be listed under the “Course List” section of Canvas.

  1. The Academic Catalog lists the number and description for internship courses and prerequisites.
  2. Please note to add the course number (381 or 382), including an:

    “A” for a fall internship
    “B” for a winter internship
    “C” for a spring internship
    “D” for a summer internship
  3. Students must contact the Registrar if course registration reflects a course overload.
  4. The internship class will be dropped by Registrar, if the online ILA is not completed by deadlines.

Course Requirements

Within two weeks of starting their internship students are asked to complete the course requirements, listed below. Most students are able to review all course materials and complete requirements in 2-3 hours.

  • Introducing yourself in the Discussions section
  • Reading all materials, listening to interviews, and watching videos
  • Completing the required quiz and graded survey

Course Content

Each year the Internship PREP course content is updated with current information based on employer, faculty and professional staff feedback. Traditional topics covered each year include:

  • Internship Success
  • Goal Setting for Your Internship
  • Teamwork/Relationships with Co-Workers
  • Networking
  • Organizational and Corporate Culture
  • Understanding Supervisory Styles
  • Disclosing a Disability
  • Working for Non-Profit Organizations
  • Working in the Outdoors
  • When you Have Nothing to Do
  • Professionalism with Office Technology
  • Being Social Media Savvy
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Ethics
  • Making Mistakes
  • Working Alone
  • Maintaining Your Relationships
  • Evaluating and Reflecting

How is the Internship Graded

The Internship Faculty Advisor and student work collaboratively to identify goals for the internship, desired learning outcomes, and any specific visible product or activity required to enable the faculty advisor to appropriately issue a grade. Faculty voted on and approved the Internship PREP course as a required portion of the credited internship experience.

Within the first half of the semester/summer all Internship Faculty Advisors and students will receive notification of student completion of the Internship PREP course requirements. These results are being provided to all Faculty Internship Advisors for use in evaluating student academic objectives for the internship and overall course grade. Students will receive a copy of the information for their records.

Change in Plans

If a student’s plans have changed and he/she is not completing an internship for credit at the time the Internship PREP course is listed on Canvas, the students should email Career and Post-Graduate Development immediately and provide a brief explanation of the updated internship plans. Student communication will insure that his/her schedule is not altered. It is likely the student will need to complete a drop form with their Advisor’s assistance.

In Summary:

  • Students meet with their Advisor and add the internship course on to their Course Registration Form.
  • When the registration form is processed by Registrar students will be enrolled by Career and Post-Graduate Development in to the Internship PREP course. The Internship PREP course will be listed under the “Course List” section of Canvas.
  • Students post an introduction on the Discussion Board section of the Internship PREP course.
  • Students read all course materials and watch posted videos prior to starting their internship.
  • After reviewing all course material students complete the required Internship PREP quiz as soon as possible.
  • Course completion results will be sent to Faculty Internship Advisors within the first half of the semester.
  • Questions? Email Career and Post-Graduate Development or call 610-409-3599