Internship Process and Online ILA

The Internship Learning Agreement is completed by the student, in collaboration with the faculty internship advisor and the host site supervisor.

Attention: Once you have moved off campus around Thanksgiving winter 2021 internships can be in-person or remote. During the spring semester, only remote work hours, not in-person hours, will be approved for students living on campus.

When logging into the forms use your user name, not your email address.

Read all information on this page carefully before submitting your Internship Learning Agreement.

Do NOT begin or submit the form more than once.  Doing so will cause your form to be processed incorrectly. If you have questions about your form submission, please contact Career and Post-Graduate Development.

BEFORE beginning the Internship Learning Agreement Form online, you will need to have all information needed.  All information must be entered at one time.  Use the Data Collection form under Guides and Handouts (shown on the right) to make sure you have all the needed information including:

  • Academic department granting credit
  • Internship Faculty advisor
  • Semester and year in which you are seeking credit
  • Semester and year in which you are completing the internship
  • Name of the organization where you will intern
  • Name of site supervisor
  • Email of site supervisor
  • Number of hours required
  • Internship Learning Objectives and Pre-Reflection

If you need to make a change to your form after it has been submitted,  please contact Career and Post-Graduate Development.

You will receive multiple emails during the cycle of the Online ILA.

  • The first email will be sent to you upon your submission of the Student portion of the ILA.
  • The second email will be sent to you upon the submission by your Site Supervisor of their portion of the ILA.
  • The third email will be sent to you upon the submission by your Internship Faculty Advisor. 
  • The fourth email will be sent to you near the end of your internship.  This will be the internship evaluation and a link to the post-reflection requirement. 
  • The last email will be send upon completion of the post-reflection portion to indicate the successful completion of the online ILA Process.

It is your responsibility to monitor the process to be sure all portions of the ILA form have been completed by the deadlines for credit.

ILA Deadlines for the student, site supervisor, and faculty portion of the ILA.

  • The second Friday of the fall semester (Fall Internship)
  • The second Friday of January (Winter Internship)
  • The second Friday of the spring semester (Spring Internship)
  • The second Friday in June (Summer Internship)

Request for Ursinus College to provide certification of insurance information (COI) to enable a student to shadow/intern:

Students should email the Director of Environmental Health and Safety Risk Management, Carol McMillin or Business Office Associate Controller of Investments, Grants, and Contracts, Christopher Guy

In the email the student should:

  • State their name and contact information, including email and phone (ex. This is Susie Smith and I can be reached by email at and by cell phone at 610-ABC-1234)
  • The purpose of the request (ex. to get a copy of Ursinus College’s certificate of insurance in order to shadow in a hospital setting)
  • The student’s reason for seeking the College’s certificate of insurance (ex. I am interning at Abington Hospital in the summer of 2020 and the certificate is required for participation)
  • The name and address of the organization/medical facility making the request (ex. Abington Hospital, 1200 Old York Rd, Abington, PA 19001)
  • State the name and email address to whom the COI should be sent
  • Insurance coverage requirements
  • Any additional notes (ex. Abington Hospital is requesting the certificate of insurance information by May 15, 2020)