Interviewing and Networking


Job hunters often make the mistake of working incredibly hard to secure an interview and then neglect to prepare. Preparation is required for an effective interview.

CPD has an interview room available for students who need a quiet and private location for their virtual job, internship, and graduate school interviews. To reserve the room, please complete this form

Networking Strategies

Networking is the number one strategy for helping students identify job openings and get jobs. Research shows that 85% of job opportunities are never advertised and that informational interviewing and networking can be your key to the “hidden job market”.

What is Informational Interviewing?

An informational interview is just what it sounds like – an interview designed to gather information. It is an opportunity to “test” a career by going to talk to a person who is actually doing the work you would like to do. The purpose is to gain current “insider” information on various aspects of working in the field including typical entry level positions, educational background required, keys to success, typical career paths, work environments, etc. All students and alumni, regardless of the stage of their career development, can benefit from this career-search tool.

UConnect Alumni Networking Resource

UConnect is an Ursinus student/alumni networking program designed to give every student the opportunity to network with alumni. UConnect is a great way to receive career advice and support from alumni dedicated to every student’s success. UConnect makes networking accessible for all students in an easy, straight forward format. 

How to participate:
  • Read the profiles of the alumni and decide who to connect with
  • Send a message via LinkedIn with questions or a request for an informational interview

There is no limit to how many alumni you are allowed to reach out to! They are all willing to help and waiting for your messages on LinkedIn. Whether you are interested in grad school, marketing, government, science and technology, medicine, or business, you are bound to find someone to connect to that will help you explore your career options and opportunities. Don’t hesitate to contact an alum today!


LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site. It is an interconnected network of experienced professionals from around the world, representing 170 industries and 200 countries. 

Get started:
  1. LinkedIn Add to Profile buttonAdd your Ursinus education to your LinkedIn profile by clicking on the Add to profile button .  Members with education on their profile get 7x more views. 
  2. Join Ursinus College Alumni Group on LinkedIn, which connects UC Bears around the world.
  3. Use LinkedIn Jobs to harness the power of your network to uncover insights such as whom you know at a company, providing you an edge in your job search.

Ursinus Community Cooperation Project

The Ursinus Community Cooperation Project is a partnership between Ursinus College and local organizations and businesses aimed at fostering deeper connections between students and the greater Collegeville community. Students can meet with community members to form connections through conversations.

Students will meet with community members to learn more about their personal and professional experiences by asking questions about their life and work. Participants can meet as little (once) or often (weekly, monthly) as they like. Meetings will take place at an agreed upon location. Sample topics of conversation may include:

  • Occupational skill requirements
  • Clinical, practical, and technical learning opportunities
  • Systemic challenges and common misconceptions due to stereotypes and prejudices
  • Resources available for personal and professional growth
  • How to establish support systems
  • How to build relationships and partnerships with other community leaders/members

Access a list of participating community members in Handshake.

How to participate:
  • Visit your Handshake account and click “Career Center, Resources”
  • Click the link to the Ursinus Community Conversations Project
  • Read the profiles of the community members and decide who to connect with
  • Send a message via LinkedIn to request a conversation

For assistance, email the Division for Inclusion and Community Engagement or Career and Post-Graduate Development.


Ursinus College alumni are a vital partner in providing opportunities and career advice for our students. We encourage you to consider posting full-time positions and internships with us, serving as an Extern Sponsor, or making yourself available to network with students and other alumni. Email us for additional information.