Gap Year Environmental Resources

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Fellowships, Scholarships, and Post-Doctoral Opportunities

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Student Service Contracting Authority Student contractors engage in specialized research/activities within their field of study/work, form contacts with fellow scientists/co-workers in various technical fields, gain professional training, explore potential career opportunities and receive academic credit where applicable. Student Services Contracts offer the flexibility (full/part-time) students require while providing comprehensive benefits (i.e. competitive salary based on training/experience, travel expenses, training, workers’ compensation and equipment/supplies).Student Services contracting positions are located throughout our laboratories, centers and offices nationwide.

Green Corps Environmental Leadership Training Program 
One-year, full-time, paid program gives you instruction and experience to launch an organizing and advocacy career. Program includes intensive classroom training, hands-on field experience running urgent environmental and public health campaigns, and placement in permanent leadership positions with leading environmental groups

Student Conservation Association Conservation Corps 
Spend 3-10 months living and working with others on critical conservation projects such asrestoring wilderness, building sustainable communities, and providing environmental education.