Resume and Cover Letters

How to Write a Resume

In the job hunt, the single most important tool is a carefully thought-out, attractively designed, well-written resume. It is highly recommended that you draft a copy and bring it in to the Career and Post-Graduate Development office for feedback.

Resume Writing Guide

Applying On-Campus Jobs to a Resume

Sample Job Search Resumes

Job Search Letters

Cover Letter

The cover letter introduces your resume and provides context for the reader. The letter should reflect your personality, enthusiasm, intellect and interest in the organization where you are applying.

Cover Letter Guide

Cover Letter Samples

Thank You Emails

After your job interview or meeting an employer at a career fair or other networking event, it is important to send a note to thank the interviewer for his/her time.

Thank You Guide

Thank You Samples

Accept / Decline / Withdraw Letters

Although accepting or declining a job often occurs verbally, it is best to follow-up with a professional reply in writing.

Evaluating and Accepting a Job Offer

Decline a Job Offer

Withdraw from Consideration

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