Salary Negotiation and Cost of Living


Students and alumni alike frequently raise questions about what salaries they may expect in certain fields, from certain employers, and in certain geographic areas

How much do you think your first job will pay – and how will you negotiate the salary? Research salaries by jobs, industries and regions and compare salaries across cities by reviewing salary resources. Check out the Ursinus CashCourse resource to learn more about benefits, insurance and taxes, too.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Wage data by area and occupation

Career One Stop
Wages, Salaries amd relocation

An excellent site for viewing finance and career options for life after college. Compare job offers here.

Cost of Living Calculator - CNN Money
Find out how far your salary will go in another city.

Cost a Living Comparison - Sperlings Best Places
Find out how far your cost of living has changed from a past year to the present one.

Find the Data
Compare salaries by city and job

IGrad FInancial Literacy
iGrad is a financial literacy tool that has up-to-date scholarship resources, financial education courses and an active community of members and users. Through articles, calculators, videos, games and other resources, you’ll learn how to improve your overall financial wellness.

Indeed Salary Search
Find out the average salaries of people in any industry of your choice.

LinkedIn Salary
LinkedIn has tapped it’s user-base of more than 500+ million members to provide deep insights into the compensation landscape.

Nerd Wallet
Cost of living Calculator

Job Star Central
Scroll down to view starting salaries, hiring forecast, and salary statistics for all majors and degrees. Also utilize salary and cost of living calculators and comparisons.

Moving Guru
Moving relates resources

Riley Guide Salary Negotiation
Find out ways to negotiate your way to a higher salary, or at least a stronger position in your industry.
Find out what job titles yield the highest salaries. Also compare the cost of living between cities and search for jobs all in one place.

Salary Calculator
Access to current, accurate salary data through the NACE Salary Calculator.

Salary Expert
This site has research database software that benefits individuals and organizations by allowing the site to provide reports about cost of living, job salaries, education planning, and other variables associated with job selection.

Salary and Negotiation Videos