Becoming a Writing Fellow

Highly qualified student writers have the opportunity to work as peer writing consultants at the Center for Writing and Speaking. 

Writing Fellows take on two roles at Ursinus. First, they work regular hours in the Center for Writing and Speaking, consulting with students at all levels of experience and aptitude, at all stages of the writing process, and from all disciplines within the college. Second, they are paired with a section of a course, usually Common Intellectual Experience (CIE). Fellows meet with their faculty partner to discuss writing pedagogy and consult with each student in their class about twice per semester.


For either position, the primary duties are:

  • To coach students through all stages of the writing process.
  • To locate strengths and identify patterns of error in student writing, and to explain each cogently to students.
  • To observe rehearsals of oral presentations and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • To help students articulate a revision plan for their writing and speaking.
  • To document each tutoring session and provide a session record to the student, the professor, and the Director of the Writing and Speaking Program.

Writing fellows who are paired with a course section are also expected to communicate regularly with their faculty partner about pedagogical goals and student progress.


To hold either position, you must be recommended by an Ursinus faculty member; submit an application; be interviewed by the Director of the Writing and Speaking Program; and complete a semester-long, 4-credit training course on writing and speaking pedagogy. This position is by recommendation and appointment only.