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We support faculty as they enhance their courses with better writing and speaking pedagogy.

Materials You Can Use in Your Class

The following workshop materials were created with CIE in mind and use CIE texts and essays as examples, but may also be appropriate for other classes that include thesis-driven argumentation and/or textual analysis. You can use the materials in class or assign them for homework. 

Generating a Thesis Statement

A basic explanation of what to include in an introduction, a definition of a thesis statement, a step-by-step process for brainstorming for a thesis statement, and a list of syntax patterns for good thesis statements. 

Generating a Thesis Statement Video (13 minutes long; takes 45 minutes with worksheet pauses)

Generating a Thesis Statement Worksheet

Generating a Thesis Statement PowerPoint


Perfecting Your Thesis Statement

A review of what to include in an introduction, a comparison of sample thesis statements, a checklist of good thesis statement qualities, and a list of strategies for making thesis statements more insightful. 

Perfecting Your Thesis Statement Video (12 minutes long; takes 45 minutes with worksheet pauses)

Perfecting Your Thesis Statement Worksheet

Perfecting Your Thesis Statement PowerPoint


Building Paragraphs and Using Evidence

What to include in an analytical body paragraph (the MEAL plan), which types of evidence to include, how to incorporate quotations and paraphrases smoothly and correctly, and how to choose meaningful quotations.

Building Paragraphs and Using Evidence Video (15 minutes long; takes 60 minutes with worksheet pauses)

Building Paragraphs and Using Evidence Worksheet

Building Paragraphs and Using Evidence PowerPoint


Integrating and Analyzing Quotations 

How to integrate quotations smoothly and correctly and how to analyze and interpret quotations, rather than just merely restating their content.

Integrating and Analyzing Quotations Video (about 12 minutes long; takes 45 minutes with worksheet pauses)

Integrating and Analyzing Quotations Worksheet

Integrating and Analyzing Quotations PowerPoint


Class Visits

A Writing Fellow is available to give your class a five-minute introduction to the Center for Writing and Speaking at the beginning or end of your class. Class visits are a great way to familiarize your students with the Center and make them feel comfortable with its services.


In-Class Workshops

A Writing Fellow or the Director of the Writing and Speaking Program, Talia Argondezzi, can design and deliver an in-class workshop on any topic involving writing or speaking. Recent workshop topics have included:

  • Understanding the Assignment and Getting Started
  • Improving Thesis Statements
  • Introductions and Conclusions
  • Creating an Engaging Presentation
  • Meaningful Revision
  • Positioning Your Argument among Scholarly Sources

Workshops range from 45 to 75 minutes and are tailored to the needs of your students and your assignment. We’re happy to create new workshops based on faculty requests.


Writing Fellow Partnerships

Each semester, the Center for Writing and Speaking pairs Writing Fellows with faculty members teaching writing-intensive classes, especially CIE. Your Writing Fellow serves as your consultant throughout the semester, meets one-on-one with your students about their drafts, offers feedback on your assignment sheets, delivers workshops to the class, guides peer review sessions, and so on. You and your Fellow decide on the details and extent of your collaboration.


Individual Consultations

The Director is available for one-on-one consultations about any aspect of writing and speaking pedagogy that interests you. Whether you want to introduce a new assignment, enhance what you’re already doing, integrate writing or speaking more extensively into an existing course, or troubleshoot a problem, Talia is happy to talk it over with you.

Getting Involved

To request a class visit, workshop, partnership with a Writing Fellow, or consultation with the Director, please email Talia Argondezzi at