Writing Fellows discussing writing pedagogy

What We Do

Individualized consultations that build on your strengths as a writer and speaker.

The Ursinus Center for Writing and Speaking aims to help students become more confident and competent communicators through an open dialogue. We provide an atmosphere that encourages growth as a writer through discussion, critical thinking, and self-reflection. We ensure that each student receives individualized instruction that builds on their strengths, helps them develop new skills, and leads them to discover their own revision plans. In each appointment, the goal is not just to improve a single paper, but also to improve as a writer.

We will consult with you about any piece of writing, from essays, creative works, and lab reports for courses, to applications and personal statements for outside opportunities. We are available to help students in any discipline at any point in the writing process, free of charge. We also provide assistance on presentations and would love not only to review your presentation, but also to help you to improve your skills and confidence as a speaker.

Our goals are to:

  • help students become better writers and speakers;
  • support students, faculty, and staff in all their writing and speaking endeavors; and
  • encourage campus-wide awareness of best practices in written and spoken communication.

We look forward to seeing you at the Center!