Who We Are

Writing Fellows are undergraduates from across the disciplines who have been extensively trained to support their peers support as they draft and revise writing and speaking projects. 

Meet Our Students

 Photo of Garrett Bullock

Garrett Bullock

Class of 2020 | Doylestown, PA

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Elizabeth Burke CWS Profile Photo

Elizabeth Burke

Class of 2021 | Aspers, PA

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Kevyn Dewees CWS Profile Photo

Kevyn Dewees

Class of 2022 | Huntington Valley, PA

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Asher Donohue CWS Profile Photo

Asher Donohue

Class of 2022 | West Chester, PA

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Christine Heren CWS Profile Photo

Christine Heren

Class of 2022 | Yardley, PA

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 Photo of Katie Hudick

Katie Hudick

Class of 2020 | Pottstown, PA

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Sarah Johns CWS Profile Photo

Sarah Johns

Class of 2021 | Royesford, PA

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 Photo of Sophia King

Sophia King

Class of 2020 | Bethesda, MD

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Annalise Koup CWS Profile Photo

Annalise Koup

Class of 2022 | Harrisburg, PA

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 Photo of Madison Kuklentz

Madison Kuklentz

Class of 2020 | Schwenksville, PA

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Madison McColgan

Class of 2020 | Hatfield, PA

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Hannah Merges

Class of 2021 | Somerset, NJ

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At a Glance: Writing Fellow Areas of Expertise

Any writing tutor can help you with a paper or presentation in any course or area of study. But, if you are looking for a writing tutor with specific expertise in your field, feel free to consult this list.