We convey Ursinus College’s messages to varied constituencies and provide content for the college web site and printed publications.

The Ursinus College Communications Office oversees media relations and publishes Ursinus Magazine, On Campus and other online and printed publications.

Our activities include:

  • Providing news about Ursinus to the media and the public with a view to enhancing understanding of a liberal arts education in general, and Ursinus in particular.
  • Building, editing and maintaining the content for www.ursinus.edu
  • Helping to publicize student and faculty achievement and campus events.
  • Providing facts, figures and text about Ursinus to various college guides.
  • Managing the college brand, editorial style and visual identity.


CASE District II Accolades Awards

  • Gold (2017) - staff writing in Ursinus Magazine
  • Honorable Mention (2017) - Ursinus Magazine website
  • Gold (2016) - Ursinus website redesign
  • Bronze (2016) - Ursinus brand and visual identity update
  • Honorable Mention (2010) - Ursinus Magazine

CUPRAP Cuppie Awards

  • Silver (2012) - Ursinus Magazine cover illustration
  • Silver (2011) - Ursinus Magazine cover illustration
  • Bronze (2011) - Ursinus Magazine