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Slides for Video Displays

College offices and student organizations can submit slides to be displayed on campus.

NEW! Optional Templates

Use one of 6 designed template below. Simply select the thumbnail and download the Powerpoint file. Swap out images, text and your department lockup (contact Erica Gramm for the image file). Follow submission instructions below.

Powerpoint template 1 Powerpoint template 2 Powerpoint template 3
Powerpoint template 4 Powerpoint template 5 Powerpoint template 6

Size/File Requirements

Slide Size Dialog Window

  • PowerPoint can be used to create your slide.
  • PRIOR to making your design, change the slide size by going to the “Design” tab. Select Slide Size, Custom Slide Size, and then use the settings: width 20”, height 15”. Slides must be CREATED at this size. This cannot be done successfully AFTER the slide design is created.
  • NOTE: Please do not paste a smaller pre-designed slide into the blank 20 x 15 slide. This will be returned.
  • You may submit the completed .ppt slide, or save that .ppt slide as a jpeg (.jpg) format. Either works!
  • If you prefer to create your slide in a graphics program such as Photoshop, set the size to 1920 pixels wide by 1440 pixels high. Save the image in jpeg (.jpg) format.

Submitting Your Slide

Send your slide to Include “TV Slide” in the subject line. The College Communications office may limit the number of slides on display at any one time to ensure proper exposure.

Design Guidelines

Please note these guidelines when preparing slides.

  • Slides will display for less than 8 seconds at a time, so please limit the amount of information you include. Be sure to show all important details such as date, time and location.
  • Make sure your text is large enough to be visible. Headings should be between 70 and 96 points, with other text between 44 and 60 points.
  • Make sure the contrast between the text and background is clear. Avoid complex background images behind text. Dark text on a light background tends to be the most legible.
  • ONE strong large image is preferable. Multiple clip art images tends to crowd and weaken the slide content.
  • Avoid using multiple fonts. A strong sans serif font such as Verdana or Arial is best.
  • Proofread your slide for spelling, grammar and accuracy before submitting. Please refer to the Ursinus Editorial Style Guide for style, names and formats.

Current Slides