students Welcome week 2021

Social media is a great way to build community.

Official Social Media Accounts

Ursinus College Facebook Page Get updates and interact with the UC community

Ursinus College on Instagram Our popular and fun visual storytelling platform. We capture and share some of UC’s best moments here. #UrsinusCollege @UrsinusCollege

Ursinus College Admissions Instagram @UrsinusAdmit is te official place to go for prospective students and families in the admission process!

Ursinus College Alumni Instagram @UrsinusAlumni is the official alumni Instagram of the college. 

What’s Up Ursinus! on Instagram This is a popular hub for internal event promotion for clubs/orgs/general happenings at Ursinus. It’s primarily student-focused for the Ursinus Community.

Ursinus College on Twitter Stay in touch with Ursinus College in 140 characters at a time. Tip: Use hashtags to connect with others. For example: #ucalum is great for alumni, while #ursinus is a general tag for all things Ursinus.

Ursinus College YouTube Channel Watch videos of Ursinus College events, promotions  and more.

Ursinus College alumni group on LinkedIn Network with alumni. Find a career and connect on LinkedIn.

College Communications

Michelle M. Yurko
Vice President for Advancement and External Relations

Ed Moorhouse
Director of Media and Communications (Media Contact)