Photo of Eleanor Frost Snell and field hockey player

Eleanor Frost Snell

Eleanor Frost Snell, beloved coach and educator, began her journey at Ursinus in 1931.

Over the course of her 40 -year career, she raised the profile and overall caliber of women’s sports at the college and across the nation. Snell’s strategic mind and sharp wit on and off the field fostered generations of successful and highly-competitive athletes, affectionately known as “Snell’s Belles”. Snell’s legacy is primarily associated with the field hockey program’s rise to prominence in Division I sports, here she produced more All-American field hockey stars than any other college or university. It is important to note that she also successfully coached softball, basketball and tennis at Ursinus. A true athlete and lover of sports, Snell brought passion, expertise and dedication to her teams each season, resulting in a lifetime career record of 674 wins, 194 losses and 42 ties. Today, Eleanor Frost Snell’s impact on Ursinus athletics can be felt when students step on to Snell Softball Field, Eleanor Frost Snell Alumnae Field Hockey Field or by attending the Snell-Shillingford Symposium.

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