Photo of Bomberger Hall Postcard, Undated from College Archives

History Highlights

Building from John Henry Augustus Bomberger’s legacy, this series features some of the many administrators, faculty, staff and alumni who shaped the trajectory of the college from the 1880s to the 2010s.

From the 1869 to the Present

Bertha Hendricks & Minerva Weinberger

Dr. William Wilson Baden

Dr. Elizabeth B. White

Eleanor Frost Snell

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Dr. W. Robert Crigler ’56

Dr. John Strassburger

Ambassador Joseph Melrose ’66

Reverend Charles Rice

Liberal education is provided through an academic program that empowers the intellect, awakens moral sensitivity, and challenges students to improve society…

Further, they develop a deepened sense of human history and an understanding of who they are as persons, what they ought to do as citizens, and how they best can appreciate the diversity and ambiguity of contemporary experience. 

- Ursinus College’s Mission Statement