Services & Programs

Looking for more support on campus? Hoping to get involved more with Disability and Access? Look no further!

Peer Mentoring Program for Students with Disabilities

Students will have the opportunity to request a peer mentor to provide support in adjusting to college life, academically and socially.

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Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is a program where students can have the opportunity to engage with a peer mentor or staff in structured meetings throughout the semester to learn strategies to enhance executive functioning skills such as time management and organization, study skills, test-taking skills, and strategies for communicating with professors. Academic Coaching sessions are individualized to meet student needs and so can also focus on test anxiety, social skills, and overall adjusting to the college environment.

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UC Possibilities

UC Possibilities is a student group comprised of students with and without disabilities focused on engaging the Ursinus community to promote awareness of disability and accessibility while breaking stigma to create an inclusive and accessible college environment. Current Ursinus students can join through the link below.

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