Interactive Process Overview

To be eligible for reasonable accommodations, students are required to complete an interactive process with the Office of Disability and Access.

What happens during the interactive process?

  1. Student submits a request for accommodations (e.g., academic, residential, social) using the Accommodation Request Form.
  2. Student schedules a meeting with a member of the Disability and Access team (for incoming students, this should be scheduled for late May or June before your entry). This meeting, referred to as our primary documentation, includes getting to know the student: their interests, their strengths, their functional impacts, and their accommodations request. Questions asked may include:
    • Tell me about yourself (hobbies, likes, dislikes, major, favorite courses/subjects)

    • What are your strengths or what are you good at? What are you doing when you feel at your best?

    • Where are some areas where you struggle? What does that look like for you across different environments?

    • Do you know where that struggle comes from? Have you been diagnosed with a specific label?

    • Did you have supports in the past? What did they look like? Were they helpful?

    • What are you hoping for in college/now? What do you think will be most supportive for you?

    • Do you currently have access to health care providers who can support your accommodations request?
  3. Student authorizes outreach to sources for secondary and tertiary documentation or provides information from those sources to Disability and Access.
    1. Secondary documentation: documentation from professors, guardians, and/or interpretations from disability professional’s expertise (e.g., ODA staff)
    2. Tertiary documentation: documentation from a medical professional (e.g., therapist, medical doctor, diagnostic testing, etc.)

IMPORTANT: The interactive process and approval of accommodations can take 4-6 weeks. Please submit an accommodation request form as soon as you think you may need supports from our office.

Documentation should be sent to:

Office of Disability and Access
601 E. Main Street, Collegeville, PA, 19426
610-409-3731 (fax)