BASE Events

Join the Office of Disability and Access and the Office of Sustainability in Building Accessible, Sustainable, and Equitable (BASE) events! Check out the resources below when designing your program.


  • Check out the Room Wizard for Ursinus spaces
  • Reserve set up time for your space - arrive early to assess and move any furniture, etc.
  • Great accessible spaces on campus: IDC 114



Food & Drink

Decor & Giveaways

  • Ask to use Ursinus’ reusable outdoor balloons for large events / wayfinding guides
  • Put in a request to Catering for linens instead of disposable tablecloths
  • If disposable decor is necessary, opt for paper over plastic
  • Check out this list of great sustainably-sourced shops

Clean Up

  • Make sure your space reservation includes breakdown time! Be thorough when cleaning up any debris or maintaining the integrity of reusable supplies
  • Assess what can be recycled and put signage at your event to encourage and inform