Ursinus College strives to provide a safe and healthy working and living environment for all employees, students, and visitors.

The Environmental Health & Safety/Risk Manager works with all departments to ensure compliance with applicable workplace safety and environmental regulations.  Employees are encouraged to work closely with management to reduce and prevent safety, health, and environmental hazards.

Report unsafe conditions or hazards to Facilities at 610-4093-3598 or ext. 3958.  If there is immediate danger to persons, call Campus Safety at 610-409-3333 or ext. 3333

Incident/Accident Report Forms

Workers Comp Injury Report Form

Workers Comp Panel of Providers

Workers Comp Rights

Student Injury Report Form (non-employee)

Accident Investigation Form

Indoor Environmental Quality

Environmental factors arising in or from the workplace can have the potential to cause sickness, impaired health and well-being, or significant discomfort to employees.  If you become aware of any health hazards or complaints due to suspected health hazards in any building, please contact the Environmental Health & Safety/Risk Manager at 610-409-3221 or ext. 3221 and Facilities at 610-409-3221 or ext. 3598 who will implement an industrial hygiene investigation to determine the source of the issue and develop corrective actions to control the issue.   



  • FAQ - Emergency Evacuation of Administrative Buildings
    1. How can I prepare?
      Always bring your keys, ID card and cell phone to class/meetings. Having a phone will permit you to communicate in the event of an emergency. Know your building address - look at the outside of your building for the white, 3-digit building number. Use this number when reporting an emergency to Campus Safety/9-1-
    2. What exit should I use?Always use the closest exit to your location in the building – it may not be the same exit that you use regularly to enter the building.
    3. How do I assist those occupants with physical disabilities?
      Individuals with physical disabilities should go to the area of refuge – usually the stairwell tower – and await assistance from emergency responders.
    4. Can I use the elevator when the building alarm sounds?
      Always use the stairs. The elevator will not work when the building alarm sounds.
    5. Where should I go after I exit the building? Is there a specific location to report to?
      Go to the designated assembly points for your building.
    6. When may I return to the building?
      Return to the building when directed by Campus Safety o Facilities personnel.