Facilities Services provides an array of services to the campus community.

Daily Maintenance Repairs

For daily maintenance repairs such as plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical issues, submit a work order request or contact  For information about other services, click on the links provided below.

Service Contact
Bunk Bed Pins Service Response Desk
Cable, TV, Data Connection, and Telephone Information Information Technology
Cleaning Cleaning Concerns
Event Support Protocols and Special Events
Fleet Vehicle Services  Office Coordinator
Lost Keys and Locks Service Response Desk 
Renovations and Repairs Service Response Desk
Washers/Dryers Service Response Desk
Window Screens Service Response Desk

Building Climate Control

Facilities Services operates and maintains building heating and cooling systems.  Cooling is available in air –conditioned buildings from spring to fall.   The central cooling plant is activated in the spring when weather forecasts indicate we are past the heating season and sustained days of hot temperatures are ahead.  Some campus buildings are not air conditioned at all and some can only heat or cool, not both at the same time.   The same decision criteria described above is used to determine when these buildings should be shifted from heating to cooling and cooling to heating.  Spring and fall, the “shoulder seasons” , are particularly challenging for maintaining comfort temperature in buildings that can only heat OR cool because of daily shifts between hot and cold temperatures.

The college heats spaces to a temperature range between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit and cools spaces to a range between 70 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit .  Please contact Facilities Services if your space is not comfortable and we will work to adjust spaces to a more comfortable temperature within this range.  Because the college values sustainable practices, we will not adjust temperatures outside of this range if the adjustment will result in higher energy use.  Space heaters are not permitted on campus unless facilities mechanical systems are not able to maintain comfort temperatures within the range.  If a space heater is warranted it must comply with the requirements listed in the Fire Prevention Policy.