The Contracts Office provides risk management services to support the College’s mission to provide exemplary education and research opportunities 

Contract Overview

Through the course of regular business, Ursinus College enters into a wide array of contractual agreements. This resource page serves as a reference for Ursinus Faculty and Staff to ensure proper submission and approval of contracts.

Contracts Administration Policy

Before engaging in contracts with third parties, please review the Contracts and Administration Policy.

Review Proposed Contract

After receiving a proposed contract from a third party, please read and review the terms of the contract. In the review process, please ensure that the intended outcome referenced in the contract is consistent with the desired need (specified goods, services, leases, rentals, or other agreements).

For college standardized contracts (i.e., facilities use, consulting, food trucks), please contact

Approval Routing

To facilitate the proper contract approval routing per the Contracts Policy, please complete the Contract Routing Form (CRF).

Insurance Requirements

In addition to the Contract and CRF, engaging parties are asked to request a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for certain contracts. Please visit the college’s insurance requirements webpage for details.

Contract Approval Submission

After obtaining the Contract, CRF, and COI, please submit documents to To ensure adequate review time, documents must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance. After submission, contract will be routed to the following parties in sequential order:

  1. Robert Clothier, Vice President and General Counsel
  2. Tyler P. Land, Associate Vice President and Controller
  3. Authorized signatory per Contracts and Administration Policy

Final Executed Contract

Once signed, the fully executed contract (signed by all parties) must be emailed to the Contract’s Office ( In addition, a copy must be provided to the Vice President and General Counsel.


For frequently asked questions, please see Our Contracts FAQ guide for reference or email

For questions relating to Contracts Policies or Procedures, please contact: