The Purchasing Office provides assistance in procuring goods and services in support of the College’s mission to provide exemplary education and research opportunities. 

Our Role

The Purchasing Office provides numerous services:

  • Process Purchase Requisitions (PR)
  • Creating Purchase Orders (PO)
  • Developing and maintaining vendor relationships
  • Providing vendor information and product pricing
  • Coordinating the competitive bidding process
  • Negotiating prices for office/other high volume products

How to Place an Order

Please complete the online order process using Web Purchasing at this link for all purchases except office supplies or business cards.  To request access to Web Purchasing, please contact Purchasing.

For Business Cards, use our online form.

Office Supplies Orders

For office supplies orders, submit your orders directly through the Office Basics website using the College’s Office Basics account.  To request access to the College’s Office Basics account, contact Purchasing.

Sales Tax Exemption

The College has limited tax exemption from sales tax in the Commonwealth of PA and a few other select states.

Not all purchases qualify for tax exemption (e.g. materials, supplies, or equipment used in construction, reconstruction, remodeling, repair or maintenance of any real estate) and misuse of the tax exemption identification number could lead to fines or the loss of status.

Use of the College’s sales tax registration number for personal purchases is prohibited.

Please contact Purchasing for additional details