a wheel labeled with 6 spokes - physical, mental, spiritual, social, financial, and intellectual.


Ursinus College is committed to providing an environment that embeds health into all aspects of campus life and promotes healthy lifestyles for all.

There are 6 dimensions of health that are all intertwined and impact one another. Students should consider ways to balance their lifestyle and habits within all 6 dimensions. See below for a sampling of UC resources that would fall under each category. 

Resources for BASIC NEEDS

Many students need support getting their basic needs met so we have a variety of resources that might help across campus:

BearShare - a free market of clothes, accessories, home goods, and more that pops up as an event throughout the year. Join their mailing list to know when and where!

Community Closet - free business clothes to help you prep for that interview or event. Located in Myrin 033. 

Bear Necessities - free personal care and hygiene products. Stop by the ISS in Lower Wismer to see their stash! Open M-F 9am-5pm and Saturdays 1-3pm.

Bear-to-Bear - financial support and emergency fund available to all students.