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12 Reasons Why Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

1.  People are loyal to culture, not strategy.

2.  Culture provides resilience in tough times.

3.  Culture is more efficient than strategy.

4.  Culture creates competitive differentiation.

5.  Culture can spark a contrarian (organizational) strategy.

6.  A brittle culture can doom even a great organization.

7.  When strategy and culture collide, culture will win.

8.  Cultural miscues are more damaging than strategic ones.

9.  Strategies can be copied but no one can copy your culture.

10.  Culture provides greater discipline than disciplinary action does.

11.  Culture provides a level of risk prevention that cannot be attained with strategy alone.

12.  Culture will have a significant impact on your future bottom line (your financial status).

Taken from The Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit by Joe Tye.